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Car Relocation Discounts

First/Senior - Car Relocation Discount

To Qualify for a Senior car relocation discount you must be 65 years of age or older and have a valid Drivers license or State issued given ID. A copy must be shown to the office at time of booking your relocation.

Second/Military - Car Relocation Discount

To Qualify for our second/military car relocation discount, you must have any Military ID or VA card, DD214. A copy must be given to the office at time of bookin your car relocation.

Third/Basic - Car Relocation Discount

This car relocation discount can be given when the Client understands they are not asking for a regular pick up or delivery. Normal pick up and deliveries are 7 to 10 days on each end of the shipment. They understand that in no way can there be any guarantees of any dates and they understand there will be no refunds of any kind. Furthermore you can change your car relocation shipment at any time by adding more money to speed up the process.

Other Vehicle Relocation Discounts & Motorcycle Relocation Discounts

We offer the same great car relocation discounts on all vehicles, motorcycles, military vehicles etc. If you have any questions about our car relocation discounts, or whether you qualify for a discount, please contact us!

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